Records available

Luc Robert. La donna è mobile. Verdi

Peeter Vähi. In the Mystical Land of Kaydara

Great Maestros I−V. Kalle Randalu, Neeme Järvi, Estonian National Symphony Orchestra

Eduard Tubin. Works for Violin and Piano. Vol 1

Keyboard Juggleress (Irina Zahharenkova, DVD)

Arsis. Legend

Magic of Sound (Ralf Taal)

Maria Magdalena (Sevara Nazarkhan, Riga Dom Cathedral Boys Choir, State Choir Latvija, Latvian National Symphony Orchestra)

Joy and Sorrow Unmasked (European Union Baroque Orchestra, Lars Ulrik Mortensen)

Locus amoenus (René Eespere)

The Best of Arsis Bells (Arsis, Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, Estonian National Male Choir, Aivar Mäe)

Faust (Ain Anger, Estonian National Opera)

Modigliani − the Cursed Artist (Estonian National Ballet, Risto Joost)

MP3-series of concert recordings


A joint project of Estonian Record Productions and AudioMaja. Executive sound engineer – Tanel Klesment. Listen to music online for free!

player European Union Baroque Orchestra
Les élémens (J-F Rebel), Pour un responsoir (M-A Charpentier), Les caractères la danse (J-F Rebel)
European Union Baroque Orchestra, conductor Lars Ulrik Mortensen
Live recording at Glasperlenspiel Festival in St John’s church, Tartu, July 22nd, 2012; in co-operation with Estonian Public Broadcasting; 41 min 56 sec, mp3, 160 Kbps

player Händel and his London Colleagues   New!
Suite of Dances from Pan and Syrinx (John Ernest Galliard), Concerto Grosso No 2, Op 6 (Georg Friedrich Händel), Recorder Concerto in D major, Op 3 (William Babell), Ballet music from Alcina (Georg Friedrich Händel), Recorder Concerto in F major (Giuseppe Sammartini), Concerto Grosso No 2 in G minor, Op 3 (Francesco Geminiani), Water Music Suite No 3 in G Major, HWV 350 (Georg Friedrich Händel)
European Union Baroque Orchestra, Jan van Hoecke (recorder), conductor Lars Ulrik Mortensen
Live recording at Glasperlenspiel Festival in St John’s church, Tartu, July 12th, 2016; 1 h 24 min, mp3, 320 Kbps

player Bach. Johannes Passion   New!
Johann Sebastian Bach. St John Passion, BWV 245
Anto Õnnis (tenor, Evangelist), Jaanika Kuusik (soprano), Evelin Ester (alto), Tõnis Kaumann (Peter, Pilate), Alvar Tiisler (basso), Piret Aidulo (organ), Tallinn Boys Choir (choral master Lydia Rahula), Klaipėda Chamber Orchestra, conductor Andres Mustonen.
Live recording, Apr 9th, 2017, Charles’ Church, Tallinn, engineered by Meelis Tinno and Tanel Klesment; 1h 52 min, mp3, 320 Kbps

player Baroque Gourmet
Stéphane Réty (transverse flute, France) & Imbi Tarum (harpsichord)
Suite No 1 Op 2 in D major by Jacques-Martin Hotteterre-le-Romain, Sonate in G major Op 9 by Jean-Marie Leclair, Sonate No 6 in E minor Op 1 by Jean-Daniel Braun, Suite No 5 Op 1 by Pierre Danican Philidor, Sonata No 6 in A minor La Boucot Op 2 by Michel Blavet
Live recording at Glasperlenspiel Festival in St John’s church, Tartu, on July 18th, 2013; 1 h 3 min, mp3, 256 Kbps

player Irina Zahharenkovaharpsichord
Suite in E major (J Pachelbel), Aria and Six Variations from Hexachordum Apollinis (J Pachelbel)
Live recording at Glasperlenspiel Festival in St John’s church, Tartu, on July 20th, 2009; in co-operation with Estonian Public Broadcasting; 17 min 26 sec, mp3, 128 Kbps
See also DVD

player Händel   New!
Maria Valdmaa (soprano), Hans Jörg Mammel (tenor), Uku Joller (basso), Chamber Choir Voces Musicales, Haapsalu Festival Baroque Orchestra, conductor Toomas Siitan
Georg Friedrich Händel. Alexander’s Feast or The Power of Music (HWV 75). An Ode for St Cecilia’s Day (HWV 76)
Recorded live from the final concert of Haapsalu Early Music Festival, July 10th, 2016 at 8 pm Haapsalu Dome Church, recording engineer Tanel Klesment, 2 h 9 min, mp3, 320 Kbps

player Les pères et les fils
Petr Wagner (viola da gamba) & ensemble Tourbillon (Czech Republic)
Suite in A minor by Marin Marais, Suite by Antoine Forqueray, Three Pieces by Jean-Baptiste Forqueray, Suite in B-flat minor by Roland Marais
Live recording at Glasperlenspiel Festival in St John’s church, Tartu, on July 20th, 2013; 1 h 7 min, mp3, 256 Kbps

player Raschèr Saxophone Quartet
3 Contrapuncti from The Art of Fugue by Johann Sebastian Bach, Fantasy No 6 in F major by Henry Purcell
Live recording from Glasperlenspiel Festival; Jul 24th, 2012; St John’s church, Tartu; 16 min 54 sec, mp3, 160 Kbps

player Bach
Akiko Suwanai (violin)
Bach. Andante from Sonata in A mimnor
Live recording at Estonia Concert Hall, Tallinn, May 15th, 2014, sound engineer Maido Maadik; recording courtesy of Klassikaraadio / ERR; 4 min 54 sec, mp3, 320 Kbps

player BachSt John Passion
Mati Turi (tenor), Taavi Tammpuu (baritone), Uku Joller (baritone / basso), Pirjo Püvi (soprano), Eva Helena van Heel (mezzo-soprano), Ka Bo Chan (tenor), Ott Kask (basso), Chamber Choir Voces Musicales, Corelli Baroque Orchestra (on period instruments), Elar Kuiv (principal violinist), conductor – Risto Joost 
Live recording in St John’s church, Tallinn, on March 21st, 2010; 1 h 53 min, mp3, 320 Kbps

player Christmas MusicVivaldi
Pirjo Püvi (soprano), Teele Jõks (mezzo-soprano), Ka Bo Chan (tenor), Ott Kask (basso), chamber choir Voces Musicales, Corelli Baroque Orchestra, conductor Risto Joost
Gloria in D major RV 589 (Vivaldi)
Live recording in St John’s church, Tallinn, on Dec 29th, 2009; 30 min 12 sec, mp3, 128 Kbps

player Opera in Town Hall
Kädy Plaas (soprano), Aurelia Eespere (soprano), Teele Jõks (mezzo-soprano), Elar Kuiv (baroque violin), Anu Gehlert (baroque violin), Mall Help (baroque viola), Egmont Välja (baroque cello), Reinut Tepp (harpsichord)
Dal mio Permesso (C Monteverdi L’Orfeo, favola in musica), Divo Amore... (Chr W Gluck Orfeo ed Euridice), Piangeró la sorte mia... (G Fr Händel Giulio Cesare in Egitto), Where shall I fly! (G Fr Händel Hercules), Le lusinghe e gl’ingaanni... Non é amor, né gelosia... (G Fr Händel Alcina), Deh, nasconditi, o Virtù... (C Monteverdi L’incoronazione di Poppea), Thy Hand, Belinda... When I am laid in Earth... (H Purcell Dido and Aeneas), Piante ombrose (F Cavalli La Calisto), Dell’ antro magico... (F Cavalli Il Giasone), Udiste, o mie dilette... (F Cavalli La Didone), Io mi compiaccio... Put ti miro... (C Monteverdi L’incoronazione di Poppea)
Live recording in Tallinn Town Hall, Aug 28th, 2009. 1 h 7 min, mp3, 128 Kbps

player Corelli Consort 20
Hele-Mall Leego (Leischen, soprano), Tiit Kogermann (Narrator, tenor), Uku Joller (Schlendrian, basso / baritone), Corelli Consort (on period instruments)
Concerto grosso in F major, Op 6 No 9 by Corelli; Fantasy from Three parts upon a ground in D major, Z 731 by Purcell; Sonata La Follia in D minor, Op 5 Nr 2 by Corelli; Allemande and Courante from Suite No 4 in E-flat major by Bach; Trio-sonata No 7 in E minor, Z 796 by Purcell; Schweigt stille, plaudert nicht (Coffee Cantata), BWV 211 by Bach
Live recording in the White Hall of the House of Blackheads, Tallinn, on Jun 27th, 2012; 1 h 12 min, mp3, 160 Kbps

player Henry Purcell 350
Teele Jõks (mezzo-soprano), Pirjo Püvi (soprano), Imbi Tarum (harpsichord), Tõnu Jõesaar (viola da gamba)
Almand in G, If Music Be the Food of Love, Sweeter than Roses (Pausanius, the Betrayer of His Country), Nymphs and Shepherds (The Libertine Destroyed), We the Spirits of the Air (The Indian Queen), From Rosy Bow’rs (Don Quixote), Lost Is My Quiet, Ask Me To Love No More, No, Resistance Is But Vain, Music for a While (Oedipus), Fairest Isle (King Arthur), Ground in Gamut, The Blessed Virgin’s Expostulation, Let Caesar and Urania Live (Sound the Trumpet, Beat the Drum), Sound the Trumpet, Beat the Drum (Come Ye Sons of Art)
Live recording on Oct 13th, 2009, Saue, Estonia; 54 min 53 sec, mp3, 320 Kbps

player Concerto d’Amore
Early Music Studio Cantores Vagantes
Concerto in E major for flute, oboe d’amore, viola d’amore and orchestra TWV 53:E1 (G Ph Telemann), Concerto in E minor for recorder, flute and orchestra TWV 52:E1 (G Ph Telemann), Triple Concerto in A minor BWV 1044 (J S Bach), Concerto in G major for flute d’amore, oboe d’amore, viola d’amore and orchestra GWV 333 (J Ch Graupner)
Live recording on Nov 15th, 2009, Kadriorg Palace, Tallinn; 1 h 18 min, mp3, 128 Kbps

player Bach. Vivaldi
String Quartet Prezioso
Johann Sebastian Bach Brandenburg Concerto No 3 in F major, Allegro; Antonio Vivaldi The Four Seasons: Spring, Allegro; Winter, Largo
Live recording from Glasperlenspiel Music Festival on July 12, 2014, Tartu St John’s church; engineered by Tammo Sumera; 9 min 31 sec, mp3, 320 Kbps

player Bach
Chamber choir Collegium Musicale, conductor Endrik Üksvärav
Singet dem Herrn ein neues Lied (J S Bach)
Live recording on Apr 2nd, 2011, Niguliste church, Tallinn; 5 min 31 sec, mp3, 128 Kbps

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